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Moneyland by Oliver Bullough Review

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Moneyland by Oliver Bullough is the sequel to his well received The Shadow World of the Super-Rich. In this book, we return to the world of the super-rich where the author tackles political forces which will determine who becomes a world leader and who falls under the international Spy Agencies. This time, the author examines the clash of two world powers which are determined to destroy each other for strategic advantage. The author also delves into the secret world of covert operations and how some of these agencies work against the better good. What seems to be a conspiracy which is tearing the Middle East apart.

President Saleh al-Khalili was the chosen candidate of the united Arab League to succeed the recently deceased King Faisal in Iraq. Although Saleh had the support of the UN Security Council, his bid for the throne was rejected. In this book, we see that Saleh was actually working with elements from his ruling family against the wishes of the nationalistic and democratic leadership in Iraq. Al-Khalili's regime is falling apart and he is unable to stay in power. His secret world of spies and secret dealings come to light as his regime takes another catastrophic step towards a military dictatorship.

Oliver Bullough has written a thoroughly researched and well written account of the events which transpired in Iraq. He draws a clear picture of the workings of the American and British intelligence services in supporting the war effort against Saddam. He also covers the workings of the CIA and the British MI6 which worked alongside each other to help the US win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. This includes explaining how torture was used on captured victims and the role of psychological warfare in turning the mass resistance against the invading forces into a fanatic and savage group of fighters.

The author also delves deeply into the workings of the British and American occupations of Iraq and writes about the aftermath of the violence, the rise of the Baath Party, the years of Gulf War I and the Gulf War II. This account is laced with dark humour and Bullough also covers the way in which the British and American governments attempted to contain the ensuing spread of Salafist and Taliban-style Islamic fundamentalism among the Iraqi people. Ultimately, the author shows how the political forces of the two countries were eventually combined to help defeat the Salafist forces and restore stability to the Middle East.

Moneyland by Oliver Bullough review is indeed detailed and it is rich in analysis. However, at the end of the day, one must admit that this is primarily a political history book. After all, as the title suggests, the whole point of this book is to look into the politics of international business. For that is where Bullough focuses his attention. More than a few pages are dedicated to the history of the global expansion of multinationals and its effect on the working class of developed nations.

Bullough's own political experience extends from membership of the British National Parties to participation in local and national parliamentarianism. As an MP, Bullough was able to bring about changes in the way the British government responded to the fuel price increases. More recently, he has become involved in national and local efforts to save and improve the conditions of the people living in the rural areas of Pakistan and Nigeria. All these efforts have seen him become a figure well respected by the Pakistani people and the Nigerian diaspora in South Africa.

Oliver Bullough is a tireless worker for social change. He has made it a life's passion to work on such projects as AIDS relief and ending the AIDS epidemic. He was also an important figure during the events of the Gulf War I and the Gulf War II. In addition to serving as a Councillor in Jamaica, he has also served as a Foreign Office advisor on humanitarian issues. He is currently a resident of Jamaica and lives in London.

Moneyland by Oliver Bullough is a lighthearted yet informative read full of insights, humor and observations. A must read book for all ages, the message will remain fresh years after it has been delivered. This is a book that every political party in the world can use. One thing is for sure, you will not be disappointed. Oliver Bullough writes with a sense of humor and he brings out the biting political nature of Jamaican life.

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