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Champions: Ascension, Untamed Isles, DeFi Kingdoms, and More

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The first RPG blockchain game re-draws the rules of traditional role-playing games, allowing their community to take control of the storyline. Unlike traditional role-playing games, where players must rely on the skills of an omniscient narrator to complete quests, this new breed of RPGs lets their community decide the rules of the game. A typical early asset list for the project contained 666 files.

Champions: Ascension is an RPG blockchain recreation set in the fantasy world of Massina. In this game, players gather a group of Champions to fight in the sacred arenas. The gamers' fates hang in the balance of their Champion's gladiatorial skills, which make them masters of strategic decision-making. While players are encouraged to have fun and to outsmart their opponents, they also need to be prepared to face brutal clashes.

As a blockchain-based game, Untamed Isles rewards players for cooperation. Its rewards depend on the rarity of heroes and match results. It has a roadmap that includes a 42-player battle royale mode in Q1 2022, as well as co-op and tournaments. Until now, this game has remained one of the few RPGs on the blockchain, and is a rare gem in this sphere.

Like its predecessor, DeFi Kingdoms is an open-world RPG on the blockchain. Players control virtual characters in a retro pixel art world. While the core of the game is card collecting, DeFi Kingdoms offers more actionable activities, such as joining guilds and hatching pets. In the future, heroes will be able to engage in peer-to-peer battles, join guilds, and experience economy management.

Developer Jam City is a leading game developer with deep experience in gaming economy design. The company is led by former MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe. The company has produced several high-grossing games with lifetime revenue of $2.5 billion, employing over 1200 people. The company has also explored the non-fungible token market and has a team of highly experienced game developers.

Sorare is another example of an RPG blockchain game that re-draws the conventional rules of the genre by involving the community. The game allows players to collect characters, gears, and crafts. Each of these in-game assets is backed by a NFT. This means that a player can monetize their participation in the game by selling in-game assets.

Metacortechs' fan fiction effort was very successful, with more players than any other professionally-produced game, despite its limited budget. Many assumed that the Metacortechs game was an official promotion for a movie, but in actuality, it was a viral success that spawned a wave of grassroots ARGs. After that, developers followed suit and rolled out a new version of their RPG blockchain-based NFT.

Another RPG blockchain game re-draws the rules of traditional role-playing games by letting their community decide the outcomes of their plot. In the end, this is a unique form of online gaming. It allows players to make decisions based on the strengths and weaknesses of their character. Moreover, it's a fun game that allows players to interact with their community in an engaging way.

The RPG blockchain game re-draws the rules of traditional role-playing games by letting their community decide the outcomes. The creators of this game allow their community to decide the outcome of every situation. While the game has a large community, it may not attract many players at first. Its popularity may depend on how many people are actively involved in the game, which is the main aim of the blockchain-powered RPG.

Besides the fact that blockchain games are free to play, they are not yet considered a viable option for mainstream gamers. This is a relatively new industry and has a lot to learn. But in the meantime, the RPG blockchain game re-draws the rules of traditional RPG games. It promises that items in the game will still live outside the game. However, the real-world money economy is still a mystery.

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