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5 Types Of Digital Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

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Starting a business can be incredibly difficult. No matter what industry you are in, there are a huge number of tasks and decisions you will need to juggle. You will need to handle financial issues and the needs of your employees, all while ensuring you are creating products, running marketing campaigns and establishing customer service systems that function correctly — and those are just the very basics of what running a functioning business entails.

Luckily, entrepreneurs today have more tools than ever to help them launch and run a business. There are many free or low-cost applications that can help you manage your teams, organize products, create content, deal with customers and much more. Some of the best advice I have ever gotten from my fellow entrepreneurs were suggestions regarding some of these types of apps — a handful of which are now essential to my daily routines.

I want to use this article to go through five types of applications that I have personally used while launching and operating an international translation service.

Five Types Of Digital Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

You may have heard of these types of apps, but perhaps you were not aware of just how you could best employ them to help your business function and grow. These applications have allowed me to manage, organize and enhance the productivity of employees located all over the world. I hope by giving you my insight into their usage, you can find a way to employ them in your own operations.

1. Project Management Tools

For those dealing with designers, writers, coders, marketers and a whole host of other professionals, it can be hard to keep teams organized and track their progress. Project management tools, such as Trello or Asana, solve these issues and allow you to create graphic card stacks with a multitude of functions and cross-app interaction, providing you a functional space where you can organize and visualize all that clutter going on in your head. With project management tools, you can assign specific workspaces to your teams, giving them their own area to interact, upload files and communicate with one another. It also makes it easy for you to stay abreast of what is happening in each of these workspaces with only a few clicks. 

2. Chat Rooms For Business

With digital and remote work becoming more common every day, companies need to find ways to keep their workers in constant communication and interacting with one another. Having chat rooms for businesses allow you to have persistent chat rooms that can be organized by topic, as well as private groups and direct messaging, giving you an accessible hub from which you can communicate with your entire organization. 

3. Invoicing And Time-Tracking Software

There are entrepreneurs who love the accounting side of business, and then there are those who would rather fight a bear than deal with tasks like invoicing and time-tracking. I fall into the latter, and that is why using online invoicing software helps simplify the process when it comes time to bill clients. 

4. Video Production Software

Content creation and content marketing can be incredibly effective, but they are often time-consuming and can become increasingly expensive if you plan to put out regular pieces. 

You can download applications within your web browser to quickly utilize your branding and scripts along with public domain images and music. There are also simple tools to add voiceovers or professional photography to enhance the overall production quality. The best part is you can take a single video and easily convert it to work with a wide variety of social media formats, cutting your time and expenses down immensely.

5. Audiobook Software

Continuous learning is essential for business leaders who want their skills and knowledge base to stay relevant; it can also be a great way to unwind and free your mind from the many stresses that come from keeping your organization running. However, many of us live extremely active lives, and it can be challenging to find time for the essential practice of reading. This is where audiobook software can come in. With audiobooks, you can build your skill sets, catch up with current events and stay current with industry knowledge, all while you drive your car, walk your dog or wash the dishes. Although I feel that reading is still the best for learning new information, if reading is not an option, then audiobook software helps tremendously. 

It Is Worth The Time To Learn New Software

For many companies that are already established, it can be hard to move your business onto a new platform; however, the benefits that come from many modern applications and their ability to sync with your devices and one another can save you incredible amounts of time and effort down the road. Be open to the new tools technology provides us, and you may find daily tasks and organizational needs becoming more manageable and easier to accomplish than ever before.

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