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Characteristics of a Good Company

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For a company to achieve its growth and development, the management should possess certain characteristics that help in creating a positive environment for growth. A company with high levels of character traits, a high level of commitment and loyalty towards its customers and employees, low cost of capital, a low cost of goods sold, efficient distribution of resources, skilled labor, excellent financial management, a low cost of working capital and an attractive market are all required to make your business grow and flourish. It is also important to build on these basic characteristics of a good organization. These are called the character traits of a good business.

The following mentioned are some basic characteristics and qualities of a good company to operate. A good company has low cost of capital, low cost of goods sold or consumed, low average or net income, high productivity or per employee earnings growth, ability to attract and retain customers, ability to compete and deliver superior quality products or services, excellent customer service, ability to obtain or encourage new customers, low cost of doing business, ability to provide adequate compensation to its workers and ability to build and contribute to an overall economic atmosphere. A good company has excellent management skills and good financial management capabilities. A good company has an attractive and competitive brand image.

Character traits like these are very important in a company's operations to ensure its long-term viability, growth potential, productivity growth rate and profit margins. There is no universal formula to determine the character trait of a company. Different companies may have different attributes in different aspects. The only sure way to identify and assess the basic nature of the character trait of a company is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of its overall market, profit model, earnings performance, sales and cost of sales, business structure, key personnel, product range and customers.

A good company needs stable earnings growth rate. A good investment will always earn a higher profit margin at all times. If the company has consistently made profit, then it is a safe investment and will be able to offer a high ROI (Return on Investment). Stable earnings growth rate enables a company to cope with the macro economic factors such as downturns and recession.

A good investment will not have a volatile earnings growth rate. Good companies earn and pay interest to its shareholders on time. They do not invest at a rapid pace. They maintain their earnings and pay their shareholders accordingly. A stable earnings growth rate also enables a company to pay taxes on time, attract future workers and capital for investment and to give importance to dividend payment policy.

A good investment will always make profits even during times of recession and uncertainties. It has the ability to invest on a long term basis. The company should have consistent profits and pay its interest on time. It should have a solid cash base and adequate reserves to meet any kind of unforeseen situation. It should have a stable earnings and pay its debts on time.

To conclude that a company is a great company or an excellent investment, it should have all these characteristics. The characteristics indicate that it is a good idea to invest in the company. However, it is impossible to guarantee that a company would have all the characteristics. It depends on the luck of the draw. There is no way to predict the future trend.

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