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How Did Alien Worlds Take the Helm As the Top Blockchain Game?

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The release of Alien Worlds: Economy of Efficiency takes the helm as the top marketplace game on the block right now. Developed by Coinsil, a New Zealand based development company, it will be the first token basedICO that uses On-chain and Off-chain technologies. That's quite a claim given the fact that the entire scene ofICO these days has been dominated by On-chain based protocols like Bitshares and Augur. This doesn't mean however that Alien Worlds is less successful than its forerunners.

The premise of Alien Worlds is to use distributed ledger technology (blockchain) to track and secure the real time trade and cash exchange information in a sustainable manner. This means that tokens never lose their value. Rather they are intrinsically valuable over time. It also means that if you play the game you're not actually buying a "token" per say, but instead purchasing the rights to participate in the market and to receive revenues from any and all activities performed in the market place. This is the basis of the decentralized application model used within the non-fungible tokens.

In order to explain how this works we need to take a look at how the non-fungible tokens function when in the hands of individuals. These represent liquid financial instruments which can be quickly and easily converted into cash. They are created through an On-chain protocol and when this happens the value of each individual token automatically increases in relation to the overall value of the decentralized applications underlying them.

However, what makes the on-chain part of the transaction so critical? As we just saw there is a very real economic incentive to do just that: to use the currency of the issuing company and to use it to purchase the rights to participate in the alien worlds virtual marketplace. Because the value of the tokens is based upon the performance of the underlying decentralized application, the more robust and attractive the platform is, the higher the incentive to use it. And the Alien Worlds Team believe that the reason behind their success stems in large part from their ability to leverage their expertise and vision to create a dynamic and successful ecosystem around their native decentralized application.

So why does the team feel that this was their achievement? They believe that it was because they succeeded in creating a world-class platform with an integrated design and backend programming that allows the investors and creators of the virtual economy to effectively interact with one another. In order to succeed at this level investors and creators must be able to exchange ideas and participate in the economic process without having to rely on any third party entities. Alien Worlds takes the helm here by making it easy for the ecosystem to evolve and to provide real value to both the individual creator and the new investor or entrepreneur. As a result we are seeing many new companies being launched through the same pre-ICO process.

Is there room for another top wallet and currency trading platform? Not really; and we would like to emphasize that the Alien Worlds Trading Platform will continue to evolve and grow as the protocol continues to evolve. What this means is that investors and entrepreneurs today can look forward to additional and more efficient functionality as we move forward. We are moving forward because through this successful protocol investors and entrepreneurs will be able to interact on a true fundamental level with the underlying decentralized autonomous system of the Alien Worlds Platform.

This also means that there will continue to be an increasing number of winning transactions on the market. This is not only an industry leading indicator, but also something that is supported by every successful independent investor or entrepreneur in the space. We believe this represents a major defining moment for the underlying technologies that power this protocol. One of these technologies is the artificial intelligence associated with the artificial intelligence system called Arbalax. This is an open source project that has been in the works for approximately three years now.

In our view, if you are an investor or entrepreneur interested in making the most of the emerging opportunities that are available in the emerging field of the distributed ledger technology then this is the game for you. If you want to participate in what is perhaps one of the most exciting new games that is being played out in the world of the Internet then you should definitely take a look at the Alien Worlds Game. And make no mistake about it, if you choose to invest in this exciting new business game you will be making a lot of money.

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