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How to Save to the First Pot of Money

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The challenge for many is how to save to the first pot of cash for emergencies. Most of us have some savings account that is set aside for emergencies and it sits there untouched as a rainy day fund. Some of us don't have a savings account at all. For others, saving is just not an option. In order to get started building a long term savings plan you must determine what types of investments will give you the highest rate of return, and in most cases these types of investments are found in low risk vehicles such as bonds, certificates of deposits, or savings accounts with no maturity date.

Now if you want to save to the first pot of money for emergencies, you need to do more than simply invest in a variety of low risk savings vehicles. You also need to understand how interest rates work. Saving money is about compound interest. You must accumulate a significant amount of compounding interest in order to get a substantial return on your initial investment. If you do not plan to do more than invest for now, don't worry, because saving to the first pot of money for emergencies is the easiest way to do it.

Saving money in an interest only account means you will be making interest only payments each month on the money. While this may sound like a good idea, keep in mind that you are essentially putting money into an interest only vehicle which is likely to keep declining in value. With both interest only accounts, you don't build up any type of reserve for your emergency fund. In addition, if rates should fluctuate up and down, you would continue to lose money. With both accounts, you are basically just paying interest each month.

If you have additional money you would like to put into an emergency fund, there are other vehicle investments you can choose. Most people tend to stick with vehicles that are safer to drive. This means vehicles such as vehicles with automatic transmissions, sport utility vehicles, full size vehicles, and vehicles with a high gravity. These vehicles are considered less risky to drive and they also tend to have low insurance premiums. Since the vehicle itself is not at risk, insurance companies view these vehicles as lower risk investment vehicles.

When you save to the first pot of money for emergencies, you should always have some liquid cash on hand. Liquid cash allows you to take immediate action when an emergency occurs. There is no need to worry about whether or not you have enough liquid cash to make it to your next paycheck. It also allows you to plan ahead for emergencies by keeping emergency funds within your financial plan. This helps to protect your savings and helps you to ensure that you always have the money you need.

Emergency expenses happen all the time. Some people never think that they will ever need to save for an emergency, but when disaster strikes, that is exactly what happens. The best way to prepare for emergencies is to start saving money early in life. If you have a checking and savings account, you may want to deposit a portion of your pay check into your savings account. This will give you some additional money for emergencies while you are still young.

Saving money is not always easy. You have to be disciplined and motivated. Many people want to save more money and do not seem to be able to find a happy medium between what they earn and what they want to live on. For many, saving is a job and a chore. They want to save more money but are unwilling to put in the time and effort. If you are one of these people, you may want to consider opening a savings account and investing some of your pay check into it.

Another thing that you can do to save to the first pot of money is to start investing your savings. It does not matter if you invest in the stock market or not. The important thing is that you begin saving early so that you have some money set aside each month. That will help you get through a rough financial patch sooner.

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