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What is Ripple? Digital Currency For the Internet Age

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What is ripple? Well, it is a digital transaction protocol (DTP), an Internet-readable application layer protocol (IPC), a peer-to-peer software technology mesh, and a payment framework, used to allow payments to be made in the RippleNet. In essence, ripple enables you to send your money across an IP network. ripple is an open-source payment protocol and cross-currency payment platform invented by ripple labs inc. To learn more about what is ripple, check out our glossary of terms at the bottom of this article.

Let's go over the basic functionality of what is ripple and how it works. Basically, this payment solution allows for instant transfer of currency from one currency to another across any international number of connection points such as Internet, banks, payment processors and even mobile devices. In other words, anyone can take advantage of using the ripple technology, regardless of their geographical location.

How does the process work? In a nutshell, ripple allows us to transact quickly and easily using public key infrastructure (PKI), a private network of IP addresses that is much faster than the conventional internet or credit card networks for making cross-border transactions. In addition, unlike traditional databases and block-level systems, the ripple ledger system guarantees that each transaction is visible only to the parties involved in that particular transaction and is recorded in real time within a digital ledger. This brings real-time fraud protection along withreal-time monetary transfers  that are much faster than traditional systems.

If you want to know how it works, first we need to take a look at how things work when you are sending money from one currency to another. If you transfer funds from a bank account in the United States to a merchant's website in Japan, you will be transferring funds into a bank in the United States that is located within the United States. The commercial banks in both countries must approve the transfer before it can go through and this usually takes one to three days. This could easily be a lot longer than most people carry on their computers at home!

In contrast, the system of rippling which has been developed by Stellar, Xoom and Hyperledger allows instant global settlement of all currency exchange rates, instantly converting from one currency to another, making the most secure and private money transfer world ever known. The developers of this technology took the benefits of this system and extended it to every single currency in the world. Stellar and Xoom have developed the software that enables this and many more financial institutions are now making use of it. Because every money transfer takes place in real time, there is no longer the problem of extra money waiting to be cleared because the computer systems of the various financial institutions are too slow. Also, this software is compatible with any web browser, which enables consumers all over the world to conduct a currency conversion with only a few clicks of the mouse.

When you want to know what is Ripple, you have to understand how it works and how it can transform the way you exchange currencies in the most efficient and secured way. The developers of this technology made the decision to create a worldwide network that would allow users of the same software to use their computers together anywhere in the world. Because of this, banks around the globe could now interconnect with each other and make money transfers as fast as it takes to convert one currency to another, no matter where it is being sent from.

A ripple transaction does not use the traditional ledger in most cases. The ledger in a traditional ledger is the list of all previous transactions done with a specific currency. However, because of the nature of the ledger, it can be very susceptible to corruption. Ripple therefore substitutes the traditional ledger with its own proprietary distributed ledger, which provides a more secure and efficient means of recording all payments done with the currency in question.

The developers of theripple protocol  also took measures to ensure that this new technology will not affect the privacy of the individuals who transact in the currency used by everyone in the network. All transactions are recorded on the ripple block chain, and nobody knows what is going on within it. It is therefore possible to use the ripple digital currency xrp system on any computer connected to the Internet at the same time.

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