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What Are Metaverse's Investment Prospects?

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The most popular term in the field of science and technology recently is not Metaverse. This vocabulary from the science fiction novel "Snow Crash", led by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, is expected to step out of the novel and become a part of the real world. "Metaverse" has been regarded as one of Facebook's most important future visions, and in addition to Facebook, market expectations, including Nvidia, game giant Epic Games and many other players, have the opportunity to benefit from the "Metaverse" trend.

What is Metaverse? At this stage, there is no rigorous definition of "Metaverse". Zuckerberg describes it as "a virtual environment that you can enter." In short, "Metaverse" is like a world composed of countless virtual communities. People can interact, entertain or work through virtual reality devices and mobile apps. Zuckerberg emphasized that even people in different locations can be in the virtual environment constructed by "Metaverse" at the same time. In this regard, foreign media interpreted that the concept of "Metaverse" described by Zuckerberg may enable the plot of the movie "Ready Player One" to be realized. Victoria Petrock, an analyst at eMarketer, a market research firm, believes that if "Metavers" come true, "Your lifestyle in the virtual world will be the same as in your real life."

What resources does Facebook invest in Metavers? Zuckerberg expects that in the next five years, people will start to see Facebook as a "Metavers" company, rather than a social media company. In order to realize the above vision, Facebook first established the "Metavers" team in July this year, and announced in September that it would invest 50 million US dollars to build "Metavers", and then said in October that it will recruit talents in the EU in the next five years. 10,000 people, assisted in the establishment of "Metavers". In terms of related software and hardware development, Facebook has launched a virtual reality (VR) meeting application Horizon Workrooms, which can be used with its Oculus headset, but the price of the device is relatively high (about 300 US dollars).Down, users who can get hands-on experience are still very limited.

Metavers' investment prospects? For investors, Zuckerberg's vision of "Metavers" seems to point out a new investment direction; Metavers' economic scale will eventually be larger than that of the entity, which will bring a lot of imagination to the market.

According to Gina Sanchez, chief market strategist at Lido Advisors, “Facebook’s investment will benefit Nvidia because Nvidia chips have extremely fast computing speeds.” According to CNBC statistics, Nvidia’s stock price has risen by more than 87% since the beginning of this year. It is worth noting that "Metavers" is still in its infancy. It is estimated that it will take more than 10 years for its complete function to come out. Related legal issues have yet to be resolved. As far as the current situation is concerned, the prospects of "Metavers" are still full of uncertainty.

Zuckerberg once said that no company will build "Metavers" on its own. This means that even if Facebook invests heavily in the field of "Metavers", it does not mean that Facebook or other technology giants can hold the dominant power of "Metavers" because "a lot of new Startup companies may be potential competitors."

Will Metavers raise more personal information doubts? Facebook’s big move into the “Metavers” field was interpreted by some market participants as “shifting focus.” The main reason is that an employee who once worked for Facebook came forward to accuse the company of “putting its own interests above public safety”, leading to Facebook's image was hit hard. After this incident broke out, Facebook's use of users' personal information has once again become the focus of attention from the outside world.

Obviously, Facebook’s business model of collecting personal information and allowing advertisers to accurately place advertisements is likely to be brought into "Metavers"; for example, Zuckerberg stated in a recent financial report conference call that advertisements "may become A very important part of Metavers". As Facebook takes the lead in entering the virtual world, the demand for personal information will increase. Before the existing privacy issues are resolved, this situation may increase the possibility of misuse of personal information. "They (Facebook) may not have considered. All the impact Metavers has on privacy."

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