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10 Psychological Tricks To Make You Buy More

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as a businessman, if you only care about the products then you are probably at the losing side. One of the top sales master Gandalf mentioned before that sales is actually 98% about the understanding of human behaviour and 2% about the products. The reason is that the product is actually only a tools for consumers to fulfill their satisfaction which is the ultimate goal. Therefore the most crucial part for designing a product will be studying the needs of consumers. Today we are going to the top 10 secrets to attract consumers.

1. Study the needs of consumers

This is the rule of thumb that is applicable to all the products in the market. In psychology, there is a term called "mental accounting" which describes how human beings deal with the budgeting and categorization of expenditures. For example most of the people would have no hesitation when it comes to spending on kids' education. Therefore it's important to study the "mental accounting" of consumers before launching products. Usually the common categories of mentally needs will be: survival, ego, happiness, comparison, preference, investment, relationship, kids and etc.

2. Consumers usually do not spend rationally

Have you ever had the feeling that after getting something during promotion but find it actually useless. Most of the consumers don't actually spend rationally and what's the reason behind. It's the mindset of getting something cheap, nobody would like to get something that's low quality therefore it's important to find the way to make consumers spend irrationally. For example taking advantages, scare of losing out, fear, curiosity, owing, ego, rebellion and etc.

3. What product selling is actually human behaviour

In fact what the consumers are buying is not the product itself but the human behaviour. Consumers are going after something that makes them look extraordinary and not about how great the product is. For example status, value, society class, extravagance and etc.

4. Consumers are being induced by weakness

Have you ever came across the situation whereby you couldn't understand how you were being convinced to buy something. Before you have met some sales masters who are great in manipulating human's weakness for sales. For example they used to provide you some tester for trial and told you it's fine even if you choose not to purchase it. However, you might end up felt embarrassed not to buy the product after taking the tester. Actually it isn't too difficult to manipulate human's weakness and what you need to know is 6 terms. Mutual benefit, personal preference, authority, scarcity, social identity and unanimous commitment.

5. Enhance consumers' purchasing power through recognition of their dignity

It's all about mutual respect, how much dignity you have shown to the consumers and you shall get the same amount of return. This is the consumers instinct which is similar to the people that work extra harder when being assigned bigger roles and recognition. So what are the techniques to enhance consumers' dignity. They can be assignment, awarding, reputation, VIP and etc.

6. Create the environment that can enhance spending

The reason that most of the financial companies will organize retreats for employees is to create the environment to enhance spending. The results are usually great as human tend to be affected easily by surrounding environment. For example fast food restaurants usually play fast-paced melody and malls usually play home-going songs when it's almost time to close the stores. So what are the environments that can enhance spending. They can be colour design, musics, fragrance, convenience, sales and etc.

7. Emotional advertisements that are irresistible for consumers

Quite often we heard that the elders refuse to return the products that they purchased at high cost even after being found out by their children. The elders mentioned during an interview that they know very well those sales persons were being kind only to sell their products but they are kinder than the elders' children and that's the reason the elders buy the products. From here we can know that the most vulnerable part will be human's emotion that leads to most of the scam cases. So what are the ways to create such emotional atmosphere. Of course we are not encouraging scamming here but few effective methods like organizing fellowship, telecommunications or meet up to show concern and caring and etc.

8. Consumers tend not able to accept the fact of losing something

Losing something is a painful experience for everyone. For example when you finally get together with someone you long in love with but eventually broke up in the end. The feeling of losing something is much more painful than not able to get something you want. In the psychology of consumers, there are 2 terms which are sunk cost and loss aversion which describe the behaviour of consumers due to not willing to lose something. To do so, you have to get as much as possible involvement from consumers and allow payment at later stage, return of goods without condition and etc.

9. Freedom is more useful than induction

There was an apps that met bottleneck on their sales and they decided to change the "check out" button into "to know more about check out procedure" which increased sales by more than 10 times. There was another business that add a term that tells clients that apart from purchasing, they do also have the freedom to reject it. This makes consumers feel their are being respected instead of coercion. Freedom for consumers will leads to financial freedom for businesses.

10. Marketing is more on consumers side than experts

Well-known psychologist Abraham Maslow mentioned before a theory of psychological health predicated on fulfilling innate human needs in priority, culminating in self-actualization. All the actions and emotions of the human are actually related to the current situation he or she encountering at that moment. Therefore producers need to understand the level group of their products against consumer needs in order to enhance sales. Alright, that's all for today's sharing.

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