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Marketing Must Establish Sales Purpose

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Why is the marketing that does not reach the sales purpose is a hooligan? In many cases, when marketers are designing the marketing process, the plans they design will not make the boss or supervisor full of orders? In fact, the key behind this is that the designed plan is not tied to the sales purpose.

Our own team will do the same. Sometimes when we see our marketing partners, they have tried their best to plan a marketing process or brand plan, but when I see it, it is actually not know whether to laugh or cry. If the plan is returned, it hurts the hearts of the partners, but if it is not returned, it hurts the company's funds. To be serious, it’s actually a dilemma; usually I ask my partners to try and then guide them along the way, turning them into a sales-purpose process, or after the end, review the principle and purpose.

From the perspective of supervisors or business owners, whether they are doing branding, marketing or promotion, they are actually aimed at increasing performance, increasing the new market share of their own brands and products and turning them into market share. So in essence, all marketing and public relations activities are tied to performance.

But marketing partners, if their main core is not tied to performance, it will actually happen that "in order to realize the idea, it goes against the main axis of the company." But this is also very contradictory. If the business owner links marketing to performance, too much direct marketing will occur; this will lead to all marketing behaviors without too much emotion, and thus lose the brand's temperature.

Ultimately, marketing must establish sales purpose. Its purpose is to generate and develop leads and increase revenues by promoting products and services to the target customers. It is important for marketers to set their goals and priorities in a manner that will drive business growth. For example, if a company wants to expand into a new market, they need to understand the current opportunities and develop a strategy that will enable them to capitalize on them.

The purpose of marketing is to create a demand for a product or service and increase sales. The main goal of marketing is to build brand loyalty and drive customer satisfaction. In addition to this, companies need to define their sales funnels to improve their ROI. In addition, companies need to define the steps of marketing and sales funnels to make it work seamlessly. Using different tools and techniques, marketers should determine what type of marketing is necessary to reach a target audience and achieve their objectives.

"Marketing that does not achieve the purpose of sales is a hooliganism."

This sentence is actually very good. He is like a head-on, hitting the top of marketing and brand partners. When doing branding and marketing, he is originally a contradictory individual. Sales behavior must be tied to human thinking. Together, people want to buy unconsciously.

But this is actually difficult. Most people have not received such training. Most people's thinking is to sell, that is, it is good to sell things and introduce products. However, branding and marketing have to stand from the perspective of the readers, to tell them the value that they understand, and then to achieve the transaction behavior.

So in fact, supervisors and business owners must constantly train their partners to understand the true principles of marketing.


Therefore, real marketing is not just to increase exposure through aesthetics, presentation, and eyeballs; it is to achieve value transfer through comprehensive audience experience, and then let them act.

Speaking of marketing, it is actually a multi-faceted proposal. Anyone's life is always in marketing, and everyone can use their ideas in their own lives. It is not only a supervisor or entrepreneur who needs to use it. Share with everyone hope it helps 

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