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The holiday shopping season is coming: How to preparing?

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For retailers the start of the Double 11 Shopping Festival means extra sales, but it's also the peak of consumer anxiety. If you want to ensure a successful holiday season and meet consumer expectations, there are a number of strategies you can implement in order to achieve higher traffic and improve sales. The following is a discussion of some of these strategies and why they work so well for retailers:

1. Increase consumer awareness of your brand by providing information about your products and services via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

In this competitive marketplace, consumers rely on the opinions and reviews that they see on the internet, and they'll do their best to find out about what goods are available to buy from a retailer they've already tried and loved. By creating a presence on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as scheduling frequent news feeds, truckers will know when the truckers' supplies arrive and when new models are coming onto the market.

2. Reduce truck traffic congestion at shipping ports.

The holiday season can be a tough time for retailers with limited access to outside sources of stock. When a retailer has little in stock, they're forced to choose between bringing in orders or staying open until midnight, losing potential revenue at both ends of their day. In order to combat this type of problem at their port of call, larger retailers should look into ways they can partner with shipping companies to provide consumers easy access to products when they need them most-if they can't get to their favorite store, they simply won't go. In this case, smaller businesses can become an outlet for those who are out of town because of the increased traffic and port congestion caused by thousands of trucks passing through the ports on that particular day.

3. Increase supply by adding new stores and/or expanded product lines.

Many chain retailers have been expanding and adding new stores in recent years to stay competitive. While this strategy pays off immediately, many retailers fail to realize that even the smallest of expansions can be quite profitable. The addition of just one or two stores can drastically change the landscape of the local marketplace, which means that retailers need to be prepared to add new outlets year after year to keep the economy moving forward.

4. Expand offerings.

The holiday season traditionally favors purchasing new items, but today's consumers are trending toward buying used or resale items more often. To stay competitive, growth marketers need to find new ways to increase the availability of their products in this high-demand consumer market. Look for deals at local yard sales, flea markets and swap meets, and develop partnerships with other retailers to increase the consumer's exposure to your brand.

5. Boost sales with social media.

As the holiday shopping season approaches and the media hype begins to die down, consumers are becoming more savvy about how they want to spend their time. Many are turning to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to get their shopping done. Even though consumers are turning away from traditional malls, these sites are still seeing an increase in traffic during the holiday season. Look for marketing opportunities to incorporate social media into your marketing strategy.

6. Grow your offerings year-round.

Many shoppers tend to buy just one or two types of merchandise in a given year. However, consumers' needs change significantly throughout the year, forcing retailers to keep their feet tied to the floor year-round. Look for ways to diversify your product offerings, whether it be through drop shipping, specialty brands or even offering your customers name brand goods at deeply discounted prices.

The holiday shopping season is a tough business for retailers. However, if you work hard and constantly adapt as the economy changes, you'll be well on your way to making the most of your marketing dollars. Look for marketing opportunities that will allow you to work year-round. If you need help with your marketing strategy, find a marketing professional that can help grow your business year-round with marketing solutions that will allow you to thrive regardless of the economy. Remember: The holiday shopping season is coming!

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